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    Mar 18, 2018  
University Catalog

Course Descriptions

Courses at Furman are typically identified by codes separated into three distinct parts. The first segment designates the academic subject of the course, the second component relates to the level of instruction, and the final element (when displayed) assists with the identification of the meeting times and location for individual course sections.

Credit bearing undergraduate courses typically are numbered between 100 and 599, graduate instruction is typically numbered between 600 and 999, while zero credit experiences frequently have numbers between 001 and 099. Undergraduates can further expect courses numbers to reflect:

100-299 introductory courses, geared to freshmen and sophomores
300-499 advanced courses, designed for majors and other students with appropriate background and/or prerequisites
500-599 individualized instruction, including internships, research, independent study, and music performance studies


   •  CHM-255 Technical Writing in Chemistry
   •  CHM-310 Physical Chemistry I
   •  CHM-330 Analytical Chemistry
   •  CHM-340 Physical Chemistry II
   •  CHM-410 Quantum Chemistry
   •  CHM-420 Advanced Topics in Organic Chemistry
   •  CHM-430 Advanced Topics in Inorganic Chemistry
   •  CHM-440 Environmental Chemistry
   •  CHM-445 Advanced Topics in Physical Chemistry
   •  CHM-450 Advanced Materials Chemistry
   •  CHM-460 Biological Chemistry
   •  CHM-461 Teaching Methods and Materials in Chemistry
   •  CHM-465 Advanced Biological Chemistry
   •  CHM-501 Independent Study
   •  CHM-502 Undergraduate Research
   •  CHM-670 Topics in Chemistry
   •  CHM-670 Topics in Chemistry
   •  CHM-675 Graduate Seminar in Chemistry
   •  CHM-675 Graduate Seminar in Chemistry
   •  CHM-702 Research
   •  CHM-702 Research
   •  CHM-705 Thesis
   •  CHM-705 Thesis
   •  CHM-730 Advanced Topics in Inorganic Chemistry


   •  CHN-110 Elementary Chinese I
   •  CHN-120 Elementary Chinese II
   •  CHN-201 Intermediate Chinese I
   •  CHN-202 Intermediate Chinese II
   •  CHN-220 Survey of Chinese Culture
   •  CHN-225 Chinese Film
   •  CHN-230 Survey of Chinese Literature
   •  CHN-235 Classic Chinese Fiction
   •  CHN-240 Chinese Civilization
   •  CHN-245 Twentieth Century Chinese Literature
   •  CHN-246 Twentieth Century Chinese Popular Fiction
   •  CHN-260 Beijing and Suzhou: Urban Culture in China
   •  CHN-265 Chinese Language House
   •  CHN-266 Chinese Language House
   •  CHN-301 Intermediate Chinese III
   •  CHN-302 Intermediate Chinese IV
   •  CHN-320 Travel Study in Chinese Culture
   •  CHN-401 Advanced Chinese I
   •  CHN-402 Advanced Chinese II
   •  CHN-403 Chinese through Film and Media
   •  CHN-404 Classical Chinese
   •  CHN-470 Chinese Studies Thesis
   •  CHN-504 Directed Independent Study


   •  CLS-111 Introduction to Classics
   •  CLS-120 Mythology
   •  CLS-210 Introduction to Greek Archaeology
   •  CLS-211 Classical Archaeology
   •  CLS-220 Greek Civilization
   •  CLS-221 Roman Civilization
   •  CLS-230 Reading Greek Literature
   •  CLS-231 Reading Latin Literature
   •  CLS-320 Travel Study in Classical Civilizations
   •  CLS-504 Directed Independent Study

Communication Studies

   •  COM-101 Public Speaking
   •  COM-111 Argumentation
   •  COM-121 Digital Communication
   •  COM-131 Broadcast Communication
   •  COM-133 Video Documentary
   •  COM-141 Small Group Communication
   •  COM-201 Introduction to Rhetoric
   •  COM-221 Introduction to Mass Communication
   •  COM-301 Rhetorical Criticism
   •  COM-311 Rhetoric in the Ancient World
   •  COM-312 Rhetoric in the Modern World
   •  COM-315 U.S. Public Address until 1865
   •  COM-316 U.S. Public Address since the Civil War
   •  COM-318 African American Rhetoric
   •  COM-321 Media Criticism
   •  COM-323 Race, Class and Gender in Media
   •  COM-325 Mass Media Research Methods
   •  COM-331 Media History
   •  COM-335 Political Economy of Mass Media
   •  COM-337 International Communication
   •  COM-341 Interpersonal Communication
   •  COM-343 Organizational Communication
   •  COM-350 African Film in a Global Context
   •  COM-351 Advocacy
   •  COM-353 Political Communication
   •  COM-355 Propaganda
   •  COM-360 Italian Film
   •  COM-401 Studies in Rhetoric
   •  COM-412 International Women's Rhetoric
   •  COM-414 Rhetoric of Emerging Democracies
   •  COM-421 Studies in Mass Media
   •  COM-431 Rhetoric of Social Activism
   •  COM-432 Places and Spaces of Early U.S. Controversy
   •  COM-434 Sustainable Advocacy
   •  COM-450 Sacred Rhetorical Traditions
   •  COM-460 Communication Ethics
   •  COM-461 Communication Law
   •  COM-470 Seminar in Rhetoric
   •  COM-475 Seminar in Mass Communications
   •  COM-501 Independent Study
   •  COM-502 Directed Research
   •  COM-503 Individualized Internship
   •  COM-505 Structured Internship

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