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    Jun 24, 2018  
University Catalog

Course Descriptions

Courses at Furman are typically identified by codes separated into three distinct parts. The first segment designates the academic subject of the course, the second component relates to the level of instruction, and the final element (when displayed) assists with the identification of the meeting times and location for individual course sections.

Credit bearing undergraduate courses typically are numbered between 100 and 599, graduate instruction is typically numbered between 600 and 999, while zero credit experiences frequently have numbers between 001 and 099. Undergraduates can further expect courses numbers to reflect:

100-299 introductory courses, geared to freshmen and sophomores
300-499 advanced courses, designed for majors and other students with appropriate background and/or prerequisites
500-599 individualized instruction, including internships, research, independent study, and music performance studies


   •  ECN-253 International Macroeconomic Theory and Policy
   •  ECN-256 Economics of Strategy
   •  ECN-263 African Economic Development
   •  ECN-331 Empirical Methods in Economics
   •  ECN-345 Intermediate Macroeconomics Analysis
   •  ECN-346 Intermediate Microeconomic Analysis
   •  ECN-356 Managerial Economics
   •  ECN-357 Quantitative Methods for Business and Economics
   •  ECN-371 Economic and Political Analysis of the European Union
   •  ECN-475 Senior Seminar in Economics
   •  ECN-501 Independent Study
   •  ECN-503 Individualized Internship


   •  EDU-005 Teaching Fellows Seminar
   •  EDU-5 Teaching Fellows Seminar
   •  EDU-111 Perspectives on American Education
   •  EDU-115 Depiction of Schools on Film
   •  EDU-120 Human Development
   •  EDU-210 K-12 Curriculum through Service Learning
   •  EDU-211 Discipline and Classroom Management
   •  EDU-221 Students with Exceptionalities
   •  EDU-222 Nature of Learning Disabilities
   •  EDU-223 Nature of Emotional and Behavioral Disorders
   •  EDU-225 Teaching and Learning: Early Primary Years
   •  EDU-233 Science Inquiry Skills for Grades K-8
   •  EDU-234 Learning and Senior Citizens
   •  EDU-250 Scholarly Reading and Writing in Education
   •  EDU-260 What Makes a Great Teacher
   •  EDU-265 International Perspectives on Public Edu cation
   •  EDU-305 Arts Integration in Elementary Grades
   •  EDU-330 Literacy Foundations and Instruction in Grades PK-3
   •  EDU-331 Literacy Processes and Instruction in Grades 2-6
   •  EDU-332 Social Studies in Grades PK-6
   •  EDU-333 Science in Grades PK-6
   •  EDU-335 Organization and Curriculum in Middle Schools
   •  EDU-336 Teaching Reading in Content Areas
   •  EDU-338 Reading and Responding to Children's Lit erature
   •  EDU-350 Curriculum and Methods for Teaching Grades 9-12
   •  EDU-430 Assessment for Instructional Planning
   •  EDU-431 Diverse School Cultures: Teaching, Learning and Managment
   •  EDU-432 Integrating Curriculum and Technology
   •  EDU-433 Foundations of Literacy Instruction
   •  EDU-434 Content Literacy Strategies and Modifications for Diverse Learners
   •  EDU-451 Literature for Young Adults
   •  EDU-452 Teaching English Grades 9-12
   •  EDU-453 Teaching Social Studies Grades 9-12
   •  EDU-454 Teaching Science in Grades 9-12
   •  EDU-455 Teaching Math in Grades 9-12
   •  EDU-460 Critical Issues in Secondary Education
   •  EDU-464 Critique of Science Education Literature
   •  EDU-465 Informal Science Education Practicum
   •  EDU-470 Practicum in Teaching
   •  EDU-472 Practicum: Secondary Teaching
   •  EDU-501 Independent Study
   •  EDU-503 Individualized Internship
   •  EDU-505 Teaching Internship
   •  EDU-506 Internship in Human Service Non-Profits

Curriculum and Instruction in Education

   •  EDCI-671 Into to Project Based Learning
   •  EDCI-672 Applications of Project Based Learning in the Curriculum
   •  EDCI-673 Models of Teaching
   •  EDCI-675 Nature and Needs of Gifted and Talented Students
   •  EDCI-676 Curriculum and Instruction for Gifted and Talented Students
   •  EDCI-677 Middle School Curriculum and Organization
   •  EDCI-679 Technology Literacy for Teachers Grades 7-12
   •  EDCI-732 Educational Assessment and Grading
   •  EDCI-973 Practicum in Project Based Learning

Early Childhood Education

   •  EDEC-640 Caregiving and Learning for the Infant And Toddler Years
   •  EDEC-641 Preschool Teaching and Learning
   •  EDEC-642 Teaching and Learning: Early Primary Years
   •  EDEC-746 Educating Young Children With Diverse Ablities
   •  EDEC-960 Practicum in Teaching the Young Child

Exceptionalities in Education

   •  EDEX-621 Students with Exceptionalities
   •  EDEX-622 Nature of Learning Disabilities
   •  EDEX-623 Nature of Emotional and Behavioral Disorders
   •  EDEX-643 Differentiatng Instruction for Diverse Needs
   •  EDEX-646 Advanced Behavior Management
   •  EDEX-741 Exceptional Learning Needs Methods and Assessment
   •  EDEX-742 Exceptional Learning Needs Grade 6 through Transition
   •  EDEX-745 Social and Behavioral Interventions
   •  EDEX-962 Practicum in Teaching Students With Learning Disabilities
   •  EDEX-963 Practicum in Teaching Students With Emotional Or Behavioral Disabilities

Extended Program in Education

   •  EDEP-640 Best Practice for Induction Teachers
   •  EDEP-670 Teaching Internship
   •  EDEP-692 Physical Science Activities for Grade 5

Educational Foundations

   •  EDFD-600 Teacher to Teacher: Research Inquiry I
   •  EDFD-601 Teacher to Teacher Research & Inquiry II
   •  EDFD-602 Learning Theory
   •  EDFD-604 Statistics and Measurement in Education
   •  EDFD-606 Research in Education
   •  EDFD-608 Culture of Schooling in America
   •  EDFD-640 Best Practice for Induction Teachers
   •  EDFD-879 Masters Seminar in Education
   •  EDFD-970 Teaching Internship

Literacy Education

   •  EDRD-640 Foundations and Current Trends in Literacy Research and Practice
   •  EDRD-641 Teaching Reading in the Content Areas
   •  EDRD-645 Reading & Writing Connection
   •  EDRD-729 Literacy Methods and Instructional Strategies
   •  EDRD-747 Critical Survey of Children's Literature
   •  EDRD-748 Critical Survey of Adolescent Literature
   •  EDRD-749 Assessment and Instruction in Reading And Writing
   •  EDRD-750 Scholarly Reading and Writing

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