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    Jun 24, 2018  
University Catalog

Course Descriptions

Courses at Furman are typically identified by codes separated into three distinct parts. The first segment designates the academic subject of the course, the second component relates to the level of instruction, and the final element (when displayed) assists with the identification of the meeting times and location for individual course sections.

Credit bearing undergraduate courses typically are numbered between 100 and 599, graduate instruction is typically numbered between 600 and 999, while zero credit experiences frequently have numbers between 001 and 099. Undergraduates can further expect courses numbers to reflect:

100-299 introductory courses, geared to freshmen and sophomores
300-499 advanced courses, designed for majors and other students with appropriate background and/or prerequisites
500-599 individualized instruction, including internships, research, independent study, and music performance studies


   •  ENG-374 Stardom and Identity
   •  ENG-375 Screening Film Noir
   •  ENG-376 Shakespeare on Film
   •  ENG-377 Studies in the Essay
   •  ENG-401 Studies in Chaucer
   •  ENG-402 Shakespeare
   •  ENG-403 Faulkner
   •  ENG-404 Major Figures in Early Modern British Literature
   •  ENG-405 Gothic Literature
   •  ENG-411 Satire
   •  ENG-412 Autobiography
   •  ENG-415 Studies in Contemporary American Literature
   •  ENG-418 Shakespeare's Europe and England's Renaissance
   •  ENG-420 Animals in Medieval Literature and Culture
   •  ENG-422 Literature of the South
   •  ENG-423 Irish Renaissance Literature
   •  ENG-434 Postcolonial Literature
   •  ENG-435 Culture and Politics in African Literature
   •  ENG-451 Film Analysis
   •  ENG-452 Literary Feminisms
   •  ENG-453 Slave Narrative to Slave Novel
   •  ENG-454 Caribbean Cosmopolitianisms
   •  ENG-455 Interpretive Issues in Early Modern Literature
   •  ENG-456 Comparative Ethnicities
   •  ENG-457 African-American Drama
   •  ENG-461 Critical and Cultural Theory
   •  ENG-462 Stage, Social Struggle, Theory
   •  ENG-471 South Asian Cultural Studies Literature and Film
   •  ENG-475 Senior Seminar in English
   •  ENG-476 Senior Seminar in Writing
   •  ENG-501 Independent Study
   •  ENG-503 Individualized Internship
   •  ENG-505 Structured Internship

Environmental Studies

   •  EST-001 Biodiesel Production
   •  EST-1 Biodiesel Production
   •  EST-301 Environment and Society

Film Studies

   •  FST-202 Introduction to Reading Film
   •  FST-365 Great Film Directors

First Year Seminar

   •  FYW-1101 Abortion: Issues and Controversies
   •  FYW-1106 Doing History in the 1950s
   •  FYW-1108 Evaluating Scientific Claims in the Media
   •  FYW-1109 Global Climate Change
   •  FYW-1110 Global Water Issues
   •  FYW-1111 Haunted Mansions
   •  FYW-1112 History of Liberal Arts
   •  FYW-1116 Language, Argument and Culture
   •  FYW-1117 Magic and Religion
   •  FYW-1118 Man vs. Machine
   •  FYW-1120 Medicine, Morality and Culture
   •  FYW-1122 Popular Culture, Crime and Justice
   •  FYW-1125 Sex and the New Testament
   •  FYW-1126 The Ethics of Sex
   •  FYW-1127 To Walk the Land
   •  FYW-1128 Turing: Thinking Machines, Codes and Other Enigmas
   •  FYW-1129 Pristine Nature: Myth Or Reality?
   •  FYW-1133 Can We Make Sense of the 60s?
   •  FYW-1136 Exploring Politics through Literature
   •  FYW-1137 Freedom or Oppression: Human Rights in Asia
   •  FYW-1138 Know Thyself
   •  FYW-1140 History of Detective Fiction
   •  FYW-1141 Homer and History
   •  FYW-1142 Economics of Walmart
   •  FYW-1143 Shakespeare in His Contexts
   •  FYW-1148 Southern Women: Black & White
   •  FYW-1149 Art, Literature and the Civil Rights Struggle
   •  FYW-1150 Sugar and Spice
   •  FYW-1151 American Dream Ideal and Reality
   •  FYW-1152 The Tumultuous Twenties
   •  FYW-1153 The United State Civil War through the Lens of Biography
   •  FYW-1154 The Wealth of Nations
   •  FYW-1155 University and Social Justice
   •  FYW-1156 Who Speaks Bad English? Language and Ideology
   •  FYW-1158 Beer and Society
   •  FYW-1159 Veils and Turbans: Genders and Modernities
   •  FYW-1161 Contemporary Issues on Film
   •  FYW-1167 American Disaster Literature
   •  FYW-1168 The First World War
   •  FYW-1169 Dragons and Demons: Debunking Myths of China
   •  FYW-1172 Dueling Perspectives: the United States in Latin American
   •  FYW-1176 Curses, Cures and Clinics
   •  FYW-1178 Academic Autobiography
   •  FYW-1179 Our Technological Heritage
   •  FYW-1180 C.S. Lewis
   •  FYW-1181 Irrational Exuberance
   •  FYW-1182 Assassination of Lincoln
   •  FYW-1184 The Meaning of Life?
   •  FYW-1185 Crossing Borders/Rights of Passage
   •  FYW-1186 Sugar and Slavery in the Caribbean
   •  FYW-1187 Magical Spanish America
   •  FYW-1188 Steve Jobs: The Cult of Apple
   •  FYW-1189 Social History of Technology
   •  FYW-1190 Secession and the Fort Sumter Crisis
   •  FYW-1191 Neil Gaiman and the Mythology of Life and Death
   •  FYW-1193 Reading Flannery O' Connor
   •  FYW-1195 Psychic Disorder and the Social Order
   •  FYW-1196 Eating as a Sustainable Act
   •  FYW-1197 The Battle Autumn of 1862
   •  FYW-1200 Competition in Nature and Culture
   •  FYW-1201 Caves and Literary Imagination
   •  FYW-1202 Medieval Forests in Literature and Law

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