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    Apr 20, 2018  
University Catalog

Course Descriptions

Courses at Furman are typically identified by codes separated into three distinct parts. The first segment designates the academic subject of the course, the second component relates to the level of instruction, and the final element (when displayed) assists with the identification of the meeting times and location for individual course sections.

Credit bearing undergraduate courses typically are numbered between 100 and 599, graduate instruction is typically numbered between 600 and 999, while zero credit experiences frequently have numbers between 001 and 099. Undergraduates can further expect courses numbers to reflect:

100-299 introductory courses, geared to freshmen and sophomores
300-499 advanced courses, designed for majors and other students with appropriate background and/or prerequisites
500-599 individualized instruction, including internships, research, independent study, and music performance studies

First Year Seminar

   •  FYW-1202 Medieval Forests in Literature and Law
   •  FYW-1203 Blogging with Adam Smith and Karl Marx
   •  FYW-1204 Human Animal or Human Machine?
   •  FYW-1206 Spain in the U.S. Imagination
   •  FYW-1210 The Genesis of Faith
   •  FYW-1211 Chocolate
   •  FYW-1213 Why Are You Laughing?
   •  FYW-1215 Can the West Save the Rest?
   •  FYW-1217 Autism and Technology
   •  FYW-1218 Work and Selfhood
   •  FYW-1219 The Rhetoric of Abraham Lincoln
   •  FYW-1221 God and Justice
   •  FYW-1223 Eat, Write, Think: Food As Metaphor
   •  FYW-1224 Big Food: Media and Politics in Modern American Culture
   •  FYW-1225 Sustainability
   •  FYW-1226 Minority Rights
   •  FYW-1227 Quest for Meanings and Values through Theater
   •  FYW-1228 Writing Freedom: United States Abolition and Social Change
   •  FYW-1229 Faith and Doubt in Literature
   •  FYW-1230 Ooh La La!: French Women in American Culture
   •  FYW-1232 Dante and the Inferno
   •  FYW-1233 Sea Dragons and Storm Gods: Hebrew Mythology
   •  FYW-1234 Bird by Bird: Interactions in Nature and Society
   •  FYW-1235 Shakespeare Then and Now
   •  FYW-1236 Thinking Sex: What's Love Got to Do With It
   •  FYW-1237 Welcome to Greenville
   •  FYW-1238 The Way of Wisdom
   •  FYW-1239 Pseudoscience and Skepticism
   •  FYW-1240 Religion and Science Fiction
   •  FYW-1241 Near Neighbors: Canada, U.S. and Mexico
   •  FYW-1242 World of the Founding Fathers
   •  FYW-1243 Cancer, Biology and Beyond
   •  FYW-1244 Learning Politics through Battlestar Galactica
   •  FYW-1245 The Parables of Jesus
   •  FYW-1246 Japanese Religion in Everyday Life
   •  FYW-1247 What is and isn't Language?
   •  FYW-1249 Life Writing: Autobiography and History
   •  FYW-1251 Margin and Meaning
   •  FYW-1252 Finding Your Life Purpose
   •  FYW-1253 Origins of Global Poverty
   •  FYW-1254 Winning the White House
   •  FYW-1255 Nature of Roman Myth
   •  FYW-1256 What If I Told You?: The World through ESPN Films
   •  FYW-1257 Adaption for Actors
   •  FYW-1258 Drugs, Sex and Rocky Road
   •  FYW-1259 James Baldwin in the #BlackLivesMatter Era
   •  FYW-1260 Tudor-Stuart Texts
   •  FYW-1261 Free Speech in Democracy Inc.
   •  FYW-1262 Masterpieces of Scientific Writing
   •  FYW-1263 Representations of Prison in Print and Film
   •  FYW-1264 Can Humans Fly?
   •  FYW-1265 Architecture of Early Modern Spain
   •  FYW-1266 Inside the White Cube: Exhibition Practice and History
   •  FYW-1267 Fairy Tales and Childhood
   •  FYW-1268 France. Friend or Frenemy?
   •  FYW-1270 China and the Environment
   •  FYW-1271 Engage the News
   •  FYW-1272 Biodiversity: The Other Earthlings
   •  FYW-1273 International Security Threats?
   •  FYW-1274 Management Literacy
   •  FYW-1275 Rhetoric of African-American Film
   •  FYW-1276 Background Noises
   •  FYW-1278 Sustainability and Society
   •  FYW-1279 Ethics of Photography
   •  FYW-1280 Politics, a Funny Business: Humor and Politics
   •  FYW-1281 Corporate Sustainability: Values and the Bottom Line
   •  FYW-1282 Drugs and the Brain
   •  FYW-1284 South Carolina Present and Past
   •  FYW-1285 Learning Economics, Engaging History: Using Hamilton the Broadway Musical
   •  FYW-1286 Spanish in the United States
   •  FYW-1287 From I Love Lucy to Game of Thrones: Economics, Aesthetics, and Television Networks
   •  FYW-1288 One Playwright, In-Depth
   •  FYW-1289 Conflict and Its Transformation
   •  FYW-1290 Reinventing Nature
   •  FYW-1291 Utopias and Dystopias: Art and World War I
   •  FYW-1293 Digital Reading, Digital Writing
   •  FYW-1294 America through Baseball


   •  FRN-110 Elementary French I
   •  FRN-115 Intensive Elementary French
   •  FRN-120 Elementary French II
   •  FRN-201 Intermediate French I
   •  FRN-210 Introduction to French Readings
   •  FRN-214 French Conversation
   •  FRN-215 French Composition
   •  FRN-220 French Civilization
   •  FRN-221 Contemporary French Culture
   •  FRN-265 French Language House
   •  FRN-266 French Language House
   •  FRN-301 Travel Study French Language
   •  FRN-305 Advanced French Oral and Written Expression
   •  FRN-307 French for the Business World
   •  FRN-310 Travel Study 20th Century French Drama
   •  FRN-320 Travel Study French Civilization
   •  FRN-321 Contemporary Senegal
   •  FRN-322 Francophone Culture in Senegal
   •  FRN-325 French Architecture in Context
   •  FRN-331 French Literature and Civilization I: Middle Ages and Renaissance
   •  FRN-332 French Literature and Civilization Ii: Classicism and Enlightenment
   •  FRN-333 French Literature and Civilization Iii: Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries
   •  FRN-405 Introduction to French Linguistics

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