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  Dec 10, 2017
University Catalog


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Professors: Hanks, L.B. Knight, Petty, Wagenknecht (Chair), J. Wheeler, L. Wright
Associate Professors: Buchmueller, Goess, Springsteen
Assistant Professors: Banisaukas, Kuklinski, Martin

Visiting Assistant Professors: P. Kalisman, Nag, Tobias

Lecturers: A. Day, E. Gordon, S. Wheeler
Post-Doctoral Fellows: Ganguly

The chemistry program is accredited by the American Chemical Society (ACS). ACS accredited degrees are available in three tracks of study: chemistry, biochemistry and environmental chemistry. A program of study culminating in ACS undergraduate certification is required of all candidates for the Bachelor of Science (B.S.) degree with a major in chemistry.

Participation in the annual summer undergraduate research program is accepted in lieu of the required CHM-501  or CHM-502 .

Each student must also write a paper based on their research or independent study and present the work to a faculty committee. Papers prepared in the summer undergraduate research program may meet this requirement. The research performed to meet the required CHM-502  requirement for the biochemistry and environmental chemistry track must have a component related to the desired area of certification. These projects must have prior approval from the department. All prospective majors are urged to schedule mathematics and physics courses prerequisite to upper-level chemistry courses as early as possible.


    Bachelor of Science
    Master of Science



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