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    Jul 22, 2018  
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Education, Literacy, M.A.

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To complete this program, students must show evidence of a passing score on the appropriate Praxis II exam.

Master of Arts in Education

Master of Arts programs are designed primarily for certified teachers. Individuals seeking initial teacher certification  will be required to complete undergraduate courses which will not apply toward the master’s degree.

Admission Criteria

Students seeking admission to a Master of Arts program must have:

  • earned a bachelor’s degree from a regionally-accredited institution in the United States or a teacher education program recognized by the South Carolina Board of Education with a GPA of no less than 2.75 (3.0 preferred)
  • satisfactorily completed an accredited program of initial teacher certification

and, must submit:

  • a graduate admissions application, accompanied by a one-time, non-refundable application fee
  • two professional recommendations by persons familiar with the candidate’s teaching (e.g. principal, assistant principal, immediate supervisor)
  • a copy of their current teaching certificate
  • official transcripts from each higher education institution previously attended
  • Praxis II scores for all areas of certification (Ed.S. in Education Leadership ONLY)

Currently enrolled Furman undergraduates pursuing teaching certification, who have satisfactorily completed all senior block courses incluing the practicum experience, eligible to enroll in EDEP-670 Teaching Internship , may gain provisional graduate admission for study in summer session prior to the completion of the teaching internship.  Successful completion of all senior block courses is required before students will be allowed to enroll in graduate level courses.

Program Continuation

Admitted graduate degree candidates must meet with an advisor in Graduate Studies to plan a preliminary program and will be assigned a faculty contact person.

Continuation in a program leading to the award of the Master of Arts requires:

  • successful completion of 9 graduate credits with a cumulative GPA of 3.00 or greater. 
  • Admission to Candidacy Form with program coordinator’s signature

Students earning a grade of C+, C, or C- in one of the first three courses in a program prior to Admission to Candidacy or a student with a cumulative GPA less than 3.00 must meet with the program coordinator and the Executive Director of Graduate & Evening Studies.

After Admission to degree candidacy, all students in a program must:

  • maintain a cumulative GPA of 3.00 or greater and meet final grade requirements   
  • demonstrate satisfactory content knowledge, pedagogical skills, and dispositions related to the program’s conceptual framework and national standards established by the Specialty Professional Association (SPA)
  • resolve any event or concern where an instructor, program coordinator, and/or the Executive Director of Graduate & Evening Studies has reason to believe a degree candidate has acted in violation of department mission

Program Completion/Degree Audit

A graduate degree candidate must submit a Program Completion form/Degree Audit Form and return it to the Office of Garduate Studies with his/her program coordinator’s signature.  The Office of Graduate Studies will audit the form to ensure that required courses have been completed and that the candidate has maintained a 3.00 GPA for the sequence of courses.  This form should be completed by the fall registration deadline for those students planning to graduate at the end of spring term.  For those graduating at the end of Summer II, this form is due by the spring registration deadline.

Program Completion/Graduation

The graduate degree candidate will complete the Intent to Graduate Form and return it to the Office of Graduate Studies, along with the Program Completion/Degree Audit Form, prior to the conclusion of registration for the semester before the final term of enrollment. Graduate Studies will confirm all degree requirements have been successfully completed by each candidate. Failure to submit these documents in a timely fashion may require a late fee and may also delay the award of the degree.


Quick Step Guide to the Master of Arts  

  • Preliminary Conference with Graduate Studies
  • Application/fee/transcript/recommendations/Praxis scores/teaching certificate (GS1)
  • Acceptance/Official conference with Graduate Studies (GS2)
  • Admission to Candidacy (GS3)
  • Program Completion/Degree Audit (GS4), begin practicum/internship
  • Intent to Graduate Form (GS5), complete EDFD-879 Masters Seminar in Education  

Course requirements for the specific concentration:

LITERACY (36 credits)

and, a capstone experience (3 credits)

Add-on certification (9 credits)

The add-on certification master’s with this concentration is limited to students completing the bachelor’s degree at Furman enrolled in the five-year extended program.

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