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    Jan 17, 2019  
University Catalog

Course Descriptions

Courses at Furman are typically identified by codes separated into three distinct parts. The first segment designates the academic subject of the course, the second component relates to the level of instruction, and the final element (when displayed) assists with the identification of the meeting times and location for individual course sections.

Credit bearing undergraduate courses typically are numbered between 100 and 599, graduate instruction is typically numbered between 600 and 999, while zero credit experiences frequently have numbers between 001 and 099. Undergraduates can further expect courses numbers to reflect:

100-299 introductory courses, geared to freshmen and sophomores
300-499 advanced courses, designed for majors and other students with appropriate background and/or prerequisites
500-599 individualized instruction, including internships, research, independent study, and music performance studies


   •  FRN-307 French for the Business World
   •  FRN-310 Travel Study 20th Century French Drama
   •  FRN-320 Travel Study French Civilization
   •  FRN-321 Contemporary Senegal
   •  FRN-322 Francophone Culture in Senegal
   •  FRN-325 French Architecture in Context
   •  FRN-331 French Literature and Civilization I: Middle Ages and Renaissance
   •  FRN-332 French Literature and Civilization Ii: Classicism and Enlightenment
   •  FRN-333 French Literature and Civilization Iii: Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries
   •  FRN-405 Introduction to French Linguistics
   •  FRN-410 French Literature of Louis XIV
   •  FRN-411 French Literature of the Enlightenment
   •  FRN-415 French Romanticism
   •  FRN-417 French Naturalism
   •  FRN-420 20th Century French Novel
   •  FRN-421 20th Century French Drama and Poetry
   •  FRN-430 Studies in French Literature
   •  FRN-435 Literatures in French: Writing Across Worlds
   •  FRN-445 African Novel in French
   •  FRN-450 History of France
   •  FRN-465 French Cinema
   •  FRN-470 Senior Seminar in French
   •  FRN-503 Individualized Internship
   •  FRN-504 Directed Independent Study
   •  FRN-505 Structured Internship


   •  GGY-230 Principles of Geography
   •  GGY-265 Geography and Sports
   •  GGY-501 Independent Study


   •  GRM-110 Elementary German I
   •  GRM-115 Intensive Elementary German
   •  GRM-120 Elementary German II
   •  GRM-201 Intermediate German I
   •  GRM-210 Introduction to German Readings
   •  GRM-215 Composition and Conversation
   •  GRM-220 German Civilization
   •  GRM-222 Contemporary Germany
   •  GRM-230 Specialized Readings in German
   •  GRM-260 German for the Professions
   •  GRM-265 German Language House
   •  GRM-266 German Language House
   •  GRM-301 Travel Study German Language
   •  GRM-305 Advanced German Oral and Written Expression
   •  GRM-310 Theatre and Film in Berlin
   •  GRM-320 Travel Study German Culture
   •  GRM-331 German Literature until 1750
   •  GRM-332 German Literature since 1750
   •  GRM-333 Modernity and Crisis: German Culture 1900-1945
   •  GRM-334 From Rubble to Reunification: 1945-1990
   •  GRM-335 German Poetry
   •  GRM-336 German Fairy Tale
   •  GRM-337 German Theater
   •  GRM-338 History of German Cinema
   •  GRM-405 Introduction to German Linguistics
   •  GRM-414 Age of Goethe
   •  GRM-415 German Romanticism
   •  GRM-430 Readings in German Language
   •  GRM-466 Nazi Cinema and Culture
   •  GRM-470 Senior Seminar in German
   •  GRM-503 Individualized Internship
   •  GRM-504 Directed Independent Study
   •  GRM-505 Structured Internship


   •  GRK-110 Elementary Greek
   •  GRK-120 Elementary Greek II
   •  GRK-201 Intermediate Greek
   •  GRK-310 Greek New Testament
   •  GRK-320 Koine and Hellenistic Greek
   •  GRK-331 Greek Epic
   •  GRK-332 Greek Drama
   •  GRK-333 Greek Prose
   •  GRK-504 Directed Independent Study

Health Sciences

   •  HSC-075 Seminar in Public Health
   •  HSC-101 Wellness Concepts
   •  HSC-151 Current Issues in Public Health
   •  HSC-152 Three Great Public Pandemics
   •  HSC-153 The First Thousand Days: Nicaraguan Study
   •  HSC-200 Health Education and Physical Activity
   •  HSC-201 Research and Evaluation in Health Sciences
   •  HSC-205 Fundamentals of Public Health
   •  HSC-210 Anatomy and Physiology I
   •  HSC-211 Anatomy and Physiology II
   •  HSC-221 Motor Development
   •  HSC-230 Analysis of Human Performance
   •  HSC-242 Scientific Principles of Coaching
   •  HSC-244 Scientific Principles of Training
   •  HSC-302 Physical Activity and Public Health
   •  HSC-304 Environmental Health
   •  HSC-305 Global Public Health
   •  HSC-306 Nutrition and Public Health
   •  HSC-307 Health Systems, Services and Policy Administration
   •  HSC-311 Physiology of Exercise
   •  HSC-313 Medical Aspects of Athletics
   •  HSC-315 Fundamentals of Nutrition
   •  HSC-323 Kinesiology
   •  HSC-331 Analysis of Cardiovascular Function
   •  HSC-332 Graded Exercise Test Practicum
   •  HSC-341 Science of Aging
   •  HSC-342 Pathophysiology of Chronic Diseases
   •  HSC-343 Pathophysiology of Infectious Diseases
   •  HSC-401 Epidemiology
   •  HSC-415 Advanced Nutrition Principles

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